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By 27 March 2024 News

The correct conservation of pears, in addition of course to the initial organoleptic qualities of the product, is essential to appreciate their goodness. As is known, the pear requires post-harvest metabolic processes to reach the ideal ripening parameters (in particular starch hydrolysis and development of aromatic compounds).

Very often pears that remain too hard and tasteless after purchase by the consumer, resulting in disaffection with the product, are the result of conservation technologies that are not always appropriate.

Conservation must therefore be based on systems that do not alter the development of these parameters, but which on the contrary are able to develop them once the product has entered the consumer’s home.

The controlled atmosphere is the ideal solution for the correct conservation of this fruit. This type of conservation does not alter the physiological processes linked to maturation, which resume in a completely natural way, without the aid of chemical products, after leaving the conservation cells.

In particular, in the last twenty years, there has been an increasing focus on dynamic controlled atmosphere technology (Swinglos) which has really given producers an edge and allowed them to preserve pears in an optimal manner.

This technology has made it possible to very effectively combat the problem of overheating, the most common physiopathy of pears in conservation.

Fruit Control developed the Swinglos technology over 20 years ago and the demand from producers all over the world is constantly growing, thanks to increasingly sophisticated machines and increasingly precise control systems.

Thanks to the passion and expertise of its technicians, Fruit Control has developed an automatic system for the management of Swinglos technology, one of a kind.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about Swinglos technology to preserve the quality of your pears!

See you in Òbidos – 26-27 June 2024!

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