Nitrogen generators for industry, firefighting and food

Advantages deriving from the use of an FCE Industry nitrogen generator:


  • elimination of cylinder transport/reloading costs
  • minimal costs of installation and operation
  • requires only 0.3kW for every nm2/h produced
  • only produces the quantity of gas necessary, with no waste
  • minimal maintenance, high reliability
  • very rapid payback financial return, normally in 18-20 months
  • elimination of waste for evaporation of liquid nitrogen
  • possibility of fitting the generator with a flow metre to monitor consumption


  • Elimination of risks associated with high-pressure compressed cylinders
  • Possibility of installing an analyser along side to analyze the nitrogen produced in real time
  • Output alarms configurable from the PLC control
  •  Particular permits are not required for the use and holding of the generator since it conforms to the 2014/68/EU PED European regulation and is CE certified.


  • On-site production of technical gas, at adjustable purity
  • Production on demand, only when needed, even 24/7
  • Generators controlled by PLC, totally automatic and tailor-made according to the customer’s needs
  • Modularity of the generators; modules can be added that increase the nitrogen production capacity
  • Possibility to store the nitrogen produced in tanks



The Nitrogen generators are machines able to produce Nitrogen by breaking down atmospheric air into its main components:  Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%).

Nitrogen produced in this way can be stored in gaseous form for different consumption requirements.
The generators are, therefore, an effective and affordable alternative to the large tanks of liquid nitrogen or compressed nitrogen in cylinders, for all industrial applications.

A nitrogen generator is a responsible choice with respect to the environment because it reduces the energy necessary for its production and eliminates road transportation.

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Food & Beverage


Food standard nitrogen E941, conforming to the EIGA Food standards according to regulations 2000/63/CE, 95/2/CE and 231/2012/UE,is widely used in the food industry, especially to prevent oxidation.
In this way, your products keep their organoleptic and nutritional properties intact for a prolonged period of time, as nitrogen slows down the deterioration of the product.

Our generators guarantee on-site production, with a high level of nitrogen purity, allowing you to regulate and control production in real time, even remotely.

Having a food standard nitrogen E941 generator is very convenient, both from an economic/logistical point of view, as it eliminates the reloading and transport costs for cylinders, and from a safety point of view, eliminating all the risks associated with the handling of compressed gas.

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An innovative solution for preventing fires in closed environments used for the storage of products of various types: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, works of art, libraries, server farms etc.

Fire prevention by reducing the O2 concentration avoids the triggering of combustion, in this way constantly controlling the environment, providing the mixture of inert gases most appropriate for your needs on the basis of the spaces, the materials and the possible presence of people.

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