Nuovo CA mobile research lab station

By 26 junio 2015 junio 10th, 2019 Noticias

Fruit Control Equipments proudly presents a state of the art CA mobile research station for a research institute in Faisalabad (Pakistan).

It is well known the importance of a correct storage of perishable products (in particular fruits and vegetables), which are largely produced in Pakistan, but in this country that it is very difficult to store in proper conditions because the lack of infrastructures and updated refrigeration system. This CA research station aims to help to improve post-harvest knowledge and techniques.

This unit consist in 40″ high cube container, which includes different 6 CA cabinets to make test for different fruit and vegetables under CA conditions and a small refrigerated chamber with 4 FFC units.

For each small container is possible to set up temperature, humidity, CO2, nitrogen, oxygen, ethylene levels. There are also independent ion generators for each room.

This container is totally independent, it just need electrical power, and it is connected by remote system in order to check all the reported parameter by internet.

Fruit Control Equipments introduced the first Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere System in the market more than 10 years ago and this technology is easily appliable inside this reserch container.

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