Fruit Control Equipments solution at Macfrut 2019: Controlled atmosphere and energy saving

By 11 julio 2019 octubre 31st, 2019 Noticias

A new line of catalytic converters studied to reduce the concentration of ethylene and volatile substances inside controlled atmosphere rooms using low energy consumption, and carbon dioxide (CO2) adsorbers for fresh produce storage with greatly reduced environmental impact.

With these two extraordinary latest innovations, Fruit Control Equipments , the 100% Italian company operating in the controlled atmosphere field in over 50 nations worldwide, presented itself at the 2019 edition of MACFRUT , the largest agricultural supply-chain trade fair on the Italian scene .

Starting with the physiology of the agricultural products, and the commercial and trade requirements, Fruit Control Equipments has always studied their plant engineering industrial applicability and the economic aspects regarding the problem, in order to improve the agricultural populations’ living standards by trying to integrate the economical and qualitative advantages that can be derived at various levels along the supply chain : from producer to consumer.
Research that has environmental sustainability at its’ heart, the premise from which , over a year ago, the foundations were laid and which brought us to develop the two innovative machines presented at Macfruit

> The line of catalytic converters BS PLATINUM, groundbreakers among ethylene catalyzers for kiwifruit storage rooms, with particular attention to the new varieties;


> CO2 adsorbers INTELLIGEM® GREEN series, the flagship product among CO2 “scrubbers” fine-tuned for dynamic DCA “Swinglos®” (Dynamic Atmosphere patented by Fruit Control Equipments in 2008).


See the compete interview with President Pierluigi Mattè > watch video

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