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Ready for China 8 Cabinets Milano2.

The buzz (excitement) on the Chinese market represents a huge opportunity for Italy. Cutting-edge Italian design and technology in the controlled atmosphere sector is renowned worldwide and Fruit Control represents the apex.

Fruit control has always been involved with the supply of equipment that enables research centres to develop and fine tune innovative procedures and state-of-the-art storage protocols.
Experimental controlled atmosphere cabinets are included within this panorama. In their latest evolution , called “MILANO2”, FCE cabinets are supplied with an independent refrigeration system as well as the usual control and regulation systems for all the storage gases.

The housing designed for “MILANO2” is that of a mobile refrigeration unit on wheels, of approximately 1 cubic meter. One of its’ main strengths is the respect and analogy of the management parameters to that of large storage rooms, in order to be able to replicate to scale what happens in reality.

With respect to more dated applications, “MILANO2” offers an integrated refrigeration system and atmospheric control inside a cabinet with the dimensions of a domestic refrigerator, including guaranteed computerized, automatic management of all the parameters, their on-line based sharing and remote management and technical support.

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