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CO2 adsorbers are an apparatus now widely used in the horticultural sector, conceived to avoid damage to fruit and vegetables during the post-harvest storage phase .

The CO2 adsorbers consist of one or two tanks (depending on the power) containing highly efficient active carbons. The air that needs to be purified (scrubbed) is conveyed by a particular airflow across the carbons to which it releases the CO2 molecules. When the adsorption phase has been completed, regeneration of the CO2 saturated carbons will start, to then return to the adsorption phase (alternate adsorption).

The entire operation is automatic and cyclic, controlled by an on-board PLC unit (connectable to the dedicated data communication network ). The CO2 adsorber communicates in real time with the automatic management system and modifies function according to the atmosphere values in the different storage environments, hence providing the most advanced technical solution for ULO and DCA storage methods.

The latest CO2 adsorbers from Fruit Control Equipments are the Intelligem GREEN series, and at present have the best CO2 adsoption / energy consumption ratio on the world market, this is thanks to employment of the latest inverter motors, improved fluid dynamics with a reduction in power drops and highly efficient active carbons for adsorption.
By using Intelligem GREEN CO2 adsorbers, it is easy to maintain, in storage rooms, CO2 values close to 0,4%, indispensible to guarantee the benefits of the latest chemical-free storage technologies in D.C.A. Swinglos® (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere FCE patent.)

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