Ethylene analyser - ES100

Ethylene Spy ethylene analyser

This portable ethylene analyser is a practical system ideal for monitoring the ethylene concentration in all those applications where the surveillance of the levels of this particular gas is highly important.
The minimum resolution is 0.2ppm, with rapid response times and a wide field of measurement this instrument is a valid support for monitoring ethylene concentrations in various applications.
The portability of the device enhances its’ use, the survey of the gas concentrations can be carried out rapidly with the results immediately available.
The ES 100 is fitted with an internal sample pump, a common 9V battery and a display on which the results are read.
The analyser is not affected by transversal sensitivity to CO2, a characteristic which makes it ideal for use in fruit/vegetable storage environments with modified CO2 concentrations.
Technical specifications:
- field of measurement: 0-100ppm
- sensor sensitivity: 0.2ppm
- Response time: 90% in 60 seconds
- Dimensions: 190 x 135 x 60mm
- Battery : Alkaline MN1604 PP3 9V
- Battery duration with pump operation: over 20 hours

portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyser COMBO


Portable oxygen and carbon dioxide analyser

Combo is a portable oxygen analyser for measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide. It has been developed for specific use in the area of fruit storage where the high precision, simplicity of use, affordability and trustworthiness has made it an indispensable instrument for the operators in this field.
The oxygen sensor consists of a second generation electrochemical cell , the carbon dioxide sensor consists of an infrared system, both sensors are highly sensitive and give stable readings.
Combo is supplied with an LCD display for reading the concentration of each gas.
The apparatus is fitted with an on-board sample pump
The apparatus has an incorporated re-chargeable battery with 5 hours battery life during continuous use with the pump or 10 hours without.  
The apparatus, which weighs less than 2kg. Has a short warm-up time and can be ready for use after just 5 minutes from switch-on.
The instrument is easily calibrated by the operator and does not require any particular maintenance. 
Furthermore, there is an on-board connector that permits recording of the detected output signals.

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    O2 CO2
 Scale % 0-25 0-10
 Resolution %0.01 below 5%, 0.1 above  5%  0.01 below 5%, 0.1 above 5%
 Precision % 0.2 f.s. 0.2 f.s.
 Display                                                1 x 3  LCD  
 Response time                                   With pump: 95% in 20 sec.  
 Dimensions                            ABS dimensions 200 x 300 x 140mm.  
 Weight                                                1.8 Kg.