Environmental Sanitization System ionny®

New Environmental Sanitization System IONNY®

The environmental sanitization system IONNY®, developed with the collaboration from research institutes employed in various fields, represents a revolutionary system for the sanitization of foodstuffs and industrial environments.

The IONNY® sanitization system is based on high-energy ions generation capable of efficiently neutralizing volatile organic composites (VOC) dispersed in the air, together with a wide range of pathogens, moulds, virus, acarus and bacteria.

In contrast to traditional ion generators, IONNY® is widely effective because produces extremely active ions capable of fighting the substances to be neutralized that are attached to the ions trhough the electrical charge attraction.

Among these substances we find:

- bacteria: Escherichia coli, Legionella, Mycobacterium, Fecal streptococcus;

- virus (Poliovirus type-1, Human rotavirus, Enteric virus);

- moulds (Aspergillus niger, Penicillum, Cladosporium, Candida parapsilosis, Candida tropicalis, Botrytis cinerea);

- insects (Acarus siro, Tyrophagus casei, Tyrophagus putrescientiae

Furthermore, IONNY® also destroys any odour present in the environment.

In the foodstuffs sector, IONNY® can found application whenever air sanitization is useful, for example:
- Fruit and vegetable storage (reduction of deterioration processes and rotting caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses, drop weight reduction and product’s quality improvement)
- Poultry farming (environmental sanitization and deodorization, feed’s quality improvement)
- Fish industry (bacteria abatement, smell and odour neutralization, storage life extension, processing room’s sanitization);
- Meat industry (bacteria abatement, drop weight reduction, storage life extension);
- Cereal industry (Insect, acarus and fungi abatement);
- Cheese seasoning (Yeasts, bacteria and mould rise control).
Among the industrial applications IONNY® can be effectively used in:

- Semiconductors industry and cleanrooms application (dust and air spread particles abatement)
- Waste and sewage industries (smell abatement and environment sanitation)
- Paint and rubber industries (smell abatement and environment sanitation)
- Whenever is worth clean and make the environment  more healthy.

This sanitization system is also completely safe for human beings, because in contrast with other sanitization methods it doesn’t produces any chemicals and it fully complies with the human presence environmental regulations.

- Dimensions: 55 cm x 46 cm x 42 cm (53 cm with ceiling mounting bracket)
- Weight: 20 Kg
- Electrical characteristics: 220V 50Hz
- Electrical power: 44W

Compared to traditional systems of filtration, which ensure to remove only the larger particles, IONNY® actively eliminates also the smaller particles and the hazardous compounds.
IONNY® provides a comprehensive solution to elevate significantly the air quality by breaking down the contaminants.

IONNY® is energy efficient, in fact consumes less than an incandescent bulb.

IONNY® is ready to use, easy to install, economical, low maintenance and long lasting.

IONNY® uses no chemicals and is safe for operators and users

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