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07-04-2017 - ROCHA PEARS, these are the results!

We are in Alfeizerão at  Azienda Agricola  RIBEIROS where, in 2016, the latest generation of FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENT  technology was installed using  the internationally renowned  patented   storage system “SWINGLOS”.

Filipe Ribeiro, who runs the family firm with his brothers declares:

“regarding  pear and apple storage I am very satisfied because we are able to conserve the fruits maintaining the same characteristics they had at harvest.

Regarding FRUIT CONTROL and their SWINGLOS storage system,  we can confirm that the plant is extremely reliable , using an intuitive software programme which allows us to    monitor the fruit respiratory rate . 

I believe that the method of taking the fruit to an initial level of stress and then maintaining lower oxygen levels is a huge advantage: it avoids superficial scald in the fruits and helps maintain better fruit flavor . “ 


All we can add is a huge “Thankyou” to all our friends in Portugal who have allowed us to reach these results and please consider us at your  disposal.

Thankyou  from FCE , see you soon


19-04-2016 - The Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere in Turkey

The turkish company Gulbudak, producer of apples in Ergidir, close to Isparta, is one of the most important apple companies of the Southern Turkey.
The last year Gulbudak decided to invest in new technology, in order to improve the storage conditions of their fruits, they chose Fruit Control Equipments as partner of DYNAMIC CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE, FOLLOWING Swinglos system.
Thirty-one 0°C existing rooms has been transformed into DCA rooms for the storage with dynamic atmosphere. In these rooms different apples cv. Are stored, as Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious, etc.
The final results after storage are really satisfactory, as reported by Gulbudak:
“The storage quality of our apples has been stable at very high levels, and after many months the organoleptic and taste characteristics of all our varieties remained unchanged, characterized by a flavor and a distinctive appearance, also due to the favorable production area
In Turkey, where there is a strong production of apples, it has not spread the application of dynamic atmosphere as in many other countries.
We remember that this technology enables the storage of apples and pears without the use of chemicals after harvest, which may alter the taste quality of the fruit.
Gulbudak believed in this technology and after checking what happens in other countries visiting other European warehouses, has decided to apply dynamic atmosphere following Swinglos technology, tried and tested for over a decade with confirmed success from year to year and growing worldwide 



Fruit Control Equipments proudly presents a state of the art CA mobile research station for a research institute in Faisalabad (Pakistan).

It is well known the importance of a correct storage of perishable products (in particular fruits and vegetables), which are largely produced in Pakistan, but in this country that it is very difficult to store in proper conditions because the lack of infrastructures and updated refrigeration system. This CA research station aims to help to improve post-harvest knowledge and techniques.

This unit consist in 40" high cube container, which includes different 6 CA cabinets to make test for different fruit and vegetables under CA conditions and a small refrigerated chamber with 4 FFC units.

For each small container is possible to set up temperature, humidity, CO2, nitrogen, oxygen, ethylene levels. There are also independent ion generators for each room.

This container is totally independent, it just need electrical power, and it is connected by remote system in order to check all the reported parameter by internet.

Fruit Control Equipments introduced the first Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere System in the market more than 10 years ago and this technology is easily appliable inside this reserch container.



In 2006 Adani Agrifresh, one of the leading companies in India , with an average annual turnover of around  8,7 million dollars, decided to invest in the controlled atmosphere sector and chose Fruit Control Equipments as partner for the realisation of three large warehouses for long-term storage facilities, building 123 chambers for controlled atmosphere in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh with a total storage capacity of 20,000 tons of produce.  The investment represents a milestone for controlled atmosphere storage in India , considering the enormous quantities of fruit lost due to the  insufficient storage facilities suitable for long-term storage.
Eight years on from the initial investment, and in the light of the excellent results obtained till now,  Adani Agrifresh has re -confirmed their trust towards us with a further 12 chambers to add to the existing facilities.
The plant with the new chambers was recently completed and is already running since October 2014.


novita ionny


Ionny, il nuovo sistema di sanificazione ambientale di Fruit Control, è risultato essere molto efficace per il controllo della botrytis durante la conservazione di kiwi.

I risultati di questa sperimentazione, ottenuti grazie alla collaborazione con l’Istituto di San Michele all’Adige con cui ormai Fruit Control collabora da oltre 20 anni, sono stati presentati al recente convegno “Postraccolta 2014” di Barletta.

Guarda il poster presentato al convegno

storm e ig sw

17-03-2014 New CO2 adsorbers INTELLIGEM SW and PSA STORM

FCE is pleased to announce that from 1st March 2014 , the new series of CO2 adsorbers INTELLIGEM and PSA are available .
Our constant desire to grow and to develop machines that are modern and up to date for energy-saving and environmental protection has enabled us to create this innovative and cutting edge new series.

New models INTELLIGEM IG 2013

11-02-2013 FCE presents the new models INTELLIGEM IG 2013!

FRUIT CONTROL presents on the market the new Intelligem IG models 2013, the absorbers of CO2 dedicated to the specialist market of 'controlled atmosphere dynamics.

The new machines are produced as standard with a new integrated software and show a significant improvement in performance with lower fuel consumption, as well as improved internal fludodynamcs lead optimizations in flows and gas exchanges.

With Swinglos ® today you fly!

see the new models

Ethylene analyser Ethylene spy ES 100

22/10/2012 - New ethylene analyser - Ethylene Spy ES100

This portable ethylene analyser is a practical system ideal for monitoring the ethylene concentration in all those applications where the surveillance of the levels of this particular gas is highly important.
The minimum resolution is 0.2ppm, with rapid response times and a wide field of measurement this instrument is a valid support for monitoring ethylene concentrations in various applications.
The portability of the device enhances its’ use, the survey of the gas concentrations can be carried out rapidly with the results immediately available.
The ES 100 is fitted with an internal sample pump, a common 9V battery and a display on which the results are read.
The analyser is not affected by transversal sensitivity to CO2, a characteristic which makes it ideal for use in fruit/vegetable storage environments with modified CO2 concentrations.
Technical specifications:
- field of measurement: 0-100ppm
- sensor sensitivity: 0.2ppm
- Response time: 90% in 60 seconds
- Dimensions: 190 x 135 x 60mm
- Battery : Alkaline MN1604 PP3 9V
- Battery duration with pump operation: over 20 hours


7/9/2012 Straordinario risultato di conservazione con il SISTEMA JANNY MT

In data 7 Settembre presso l'Azienda Agricola di Mauro Capra di Carzano Valsugana (Trento) sono stati aperti alcuni bins per la conservazione di Mirtilli con il Sistema Janny MT.
L'esito è stupefacente sotto ogni aspetto:
Bacche in perfette condizioni di aspetto; colore; consistenza e sapore, unitamente ad una totale assenza di perdita di peso.
Tutto ciò inoltre considerando che il periodo di conservazione di 25 giorni è stato superato abbondantemente fino a 46 e 49 giorni.
Ancora una volta il sistema di conservazione con il Coperchio Janny MT si conferma come un innovativo ed efficace metodo per la conservazione in Atmosfera Controllata in cella frigorifera tradizionale.
Un sistema, inoltre, che risulta valido non esclusivamente per prodotti orticoli e frutticoli ma anche per la conservazione di Funghi come il Finferlo-Gallinaccio e di Fiori in stelo come la Rosa e il Tulipano.

look at the pictures


04/08/2012 –LA TRENTINA –inauguration of the new SFT warehouse near Trento

At Aldeno (Trento) on Saturday 4th.August  the new SFT warehouse,belonging to LA TRENTINA group,was inaugurated. The new facility is completely automated and can handle 50,000 tons of apples guaranteeing thel traceability of the produce.
The new plant counts 72 ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) storage rooms for a total capacity of 23000 tons of apples that we are highly honoured to have realized
The new establishment is a model of state-of-the-art technology for this sector: 50 rooms work with the dynamic controlled atmosphere(DCA) Swinglos® system by Fruit Control Equipments, and Director Mr. Armando Paoli is proud to announce that this is the first warehouse with such an important number of DCA rooms in a modern, eco-friendly storage facility which avoids the use of post-harvest chemical treatments.

look at the pictures



It is ten years since Fruit Control Equipments started to apply dynamic atmosphere with its' success confirmed  year after year. First on the world market with initial stress solutions (ILOS) our company has believed in this revolutionary technology, which has become widespread in Italy and abroad, where there are now many customers who use it to extend the conservation of their products (apples and some varieties of pear), avoiding the problems related to the formation of superficial scald ( an important physiological disorder that compromises storage) without the use of any chemicals in postharvest. With the Swinglos ® technique excellent results are also obtained in maintaining quality parameters  (background color, hardness, acidity etc.) that allow product shelf life to be extended after storage.
Going back in time we like to remember that just after the publication of the important work of South African researchers Truter and Combrink, 15 years ago the staff at FCE  took steps to implement the formulas and protocols reported by them at our customers'  industrial plants in order to permanently resolve the problems related to scald. At that time only initial oxygen stress was foreseen at the beginning of the storage period (ILOS - initial low oxygen stress); in the light of the good results it was rapidly decided to repeat this stress phases during storage, thus introducing the concept of 'dynamic atmosphere (ie with values ​​no longer static but dynamic and changing over time).


27/03/2012 - New Compact Nitrogen generator CHALLENGER

The CHALLENGER is a compact PSA nitrogen generator that enables this gas to be generated in a simple, safe and economical way
The apparatus has been developed specifically for use in the following fields of application:
- enology
- beer production
- coffee bean storage
- experimental laboratories
- food packaging

The CHALLENGER generator produces food standard nitrogen E941 in compliance with EIGA Food standards, and compliant to  EU regulations 2000/63/CE, 95/2/UE e 178/2002/UE

40 years of experience in the design and building of Controlled Atmosphere technologies as well as a deep knowledge of plant engineering, has allowed Fruit Control Equipments  to realize the new CHALLENGER generator, easily adaptable to each customer's particular needs.

incontro a janny mt


On Tuesday 06 of December, the afternoon was definitely international on the French farm « Gaec des fruits de Bourgogne », managed by Mr Geoffroy. About 30 people participated in the event, including people from Poland, Netherland, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. They have followed the technical presentation by Mr Gratadour, Technical Manager of Rhône Chamber of Agriculture. After 100 days of preservation, the openning of Janny MT modules has shown the good results obtained and the evolution of the experimentation. Many technical exchanges took place while a comparison between the fruits preserved in ordinary cold and those preserved in Janny MT modules was held. This meeting has emphasized several key factors in order to carry out a successful preservation with Janny MT modules on pears.

Read the complete relation



During the MACFRUT exhibition in Cesena the innovative Janny MT system, for which our company is the exclusive distributor for Italy, was presented .

Great interest has been shown for this system which allows controlled atmosphere to be used by all small and medium producers.

After one month from the exhibition, the requests for Janny MT covers have continued to increase and Janny MT company has decided to hold a demo day in France, where this application is widely used, to demonstrate the storage results of different varieties of pears after 5 months from harvesting.

We therefore invite everyone who is interested, to the meeting on December 6th c/o  Les Fruits de Bourgogne "(Montbellet - 71260 - France) from 15:30 to 17:30p.m.

We attach the JANNY MT invitation form to fill in and send to the fax number 0033. / 0030. or by e-mail:

It will be an opportunity to "touch" the good results of the Janny MT system.


30/09/2011 - Macfrut 2011

FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS is present at the international trade fair MACFRUT in Cesena from 5th to 7th October - in Hall D Stand 2.

We look forward to seeing you!


15/05/2011 -COZ in ZEVIO

May 2011-Granny Smith under SWINGLOS!

After the success of the last two years, OP COZ in Zevio, (one of the most important Granny Smith growers’ associations in Verona province) will continue the collaboration with Fruit Control Equipments amplifying the number of chambers in DCA with the construction of 4 new rooms.


29/04/2011 - AGRINTESA

Fruit Control Equipments announces that last April the Agrintesa group in Faenza chose our company as sole supplier for the new ULO controlled atmosphere plant in Bagnacavallo.The plant will consist in 44 ULO chambers, of which 16 will use our Swinglos dynamic atmosphere.

Fruit Control Equipments is honoured by the confidence demonstrated with this collaboration.


28/04/2011 - MELINDA

The last DCA (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) cold-store containing Red Delicious apples from the Melinda 2010 harvest, was opened 27th April 2011, at the AVN warehouse in Casez with great results.

The DCA plant at this coop. Is licenced “Swinglos”! / the DCA plant uses our Swinglos technology

The goods had a perfect deep green background and brilliant red colour, excellent firmness and crunchiness and a shelf-life that exceeded 15 days.

These results are obtained by good teamwork!

fruit storage containers


The Italian company Fruit Control Equipments  now collaborates with the French company Janny MT who have developed an innovative system that has revolutionized the storage of fruit , vegetables, mushrooms and cut flowers.