fruit storage containers janny mt

Janny MT is an innovative rigid cover complete with membrane which, installed on a standard plastic bin, allows you to create a controlled atmosphere module.
This technology can increase the storage period of fruit, flowers or vegetables.
Thanks to the fruits’ respiration  and the passive permeation of the gases through the membranes, the Janny MT cover creates a suitable atmosphere capable of responding to the storage needs of the chosen product.
With the revolutionary Janny MT cover, your traditional refrigerated storage plant  can be transformed into a controlled atmosphere facility!

Little or no weight loss
fruits maintain their freshness
minimum investment needed 
optimizes product availability 
lengthens fruits shelf-life  due to reducde metabolism 
natural O2-CO2 balance
simple to use
reduced storage and stock holding with small volumes of product

rigid ABS cover supplied with:
selective permeability membranes
airtight seal 
2 sampling ports for taking air samples 
can be used with Capp Plast bins w/4 feet
120x100x76 (ref.1091C) for  610 liters or 
120x100x58 (ref.1092C) for  430 liter

Rapid positioning – 10 seconds

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