fruit ripening with ethylene BAFLO

Ethylene Fruit ripening gas methods


The BAFLO ripening system represents the most simple, economic and precise system for fruit ripening and de-greening. The system allows ripening to be carried out, even in several cells contemporaneously, guaranteeing different parameters. The design features place BAFLO in first place for a trustworthy and safe professional choice. 

BAFLO features:

- Safety : works using a mixture containing 5% ethylene + 95% nitrogen, avoiding any risk of explosion
- Flexibility : a single system can be connected to several cells
- Intelligent control : allows independent ethylene levels in each cell
- Independent programming: allows contemporaneous ripening of different fruit types
- Computerized management : ensures precise and careful ethylene distribution in the cells
- Pre-setting: the desired conditions may be programmed using the touch-screen
- Timed function : ethylene emission may be set at pre-fixed intervals

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