Catalytic converter for removal of ethylene - SWINGTHERM - BS

Catalytic converter for removal of ethylene and volatile odorous products against decomposition

The  SWINGTHERM-BS are catalytic reactors studied for reducing the concentration of ethylene and volatile odorous products inside normal and controlled atmosphere storage cells.
Using SWINGTHERM-BS converters you can economically maintain the following ethylene concentrations:
_ in refrigerated & C.A. cells  for apples : < 1 ÷ 5 ppm
_ in citrus, pear and vegetable cells: 0,05 ÷ 0,1 ppm
_ in kiwi cells: < 0,02 ppm

The SWINGTHERM-BS catalytic converters will also help you to:
_ obtain the best prevention against undesired ripening of fruit and vegetables and against the physio-pathologic effects of ethylene.
_ maintain a very low level of spore and bacteria due to the thermal-shock in the reactor
_ Avoid disturbing the thermal balance of the cells due to particular work cycles and solutions that will limit heating of the processed air

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  L1 X L2 X H


  Kg. M3/h




 BS 50 100x75x155  650  50    0.5
 BS 150 125x75x170  800 150    1.1
 BS 300 150x100x1701350 300    1.8
 BS 500 200x100x170 2000 500    2.7
380V + N/50 Hz.