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Bonomi system - Blanket system

The BS-BS system consists in gas-tight tents in coated PVC made to measure for the store in which they are installed.
This  “Bonomi System”  patented method allows long-term storage of dessert grapes for periods of up to 4 months.
The BS-BS method allows high humidity to be maintained inside the storage environment and therefore avoid withering and weight-loss of the stored product.
Above all, the BS-BS method permits periodical sulphuration treatments that avoid the formation of moulds (primarilyBotrytis cinerea) and without the risk of SO2 damaging the refrigeration equipment that is external to the BS-BS tents.
The high precision wheeled mixer, combined with the  SO2 evaporator , allows the exact dosage of gas to be infused.
The use of water depurators (TL water towers) allows the SO2 concentration to be managed and at the same time favours high relative humidity maintainance.
Fruit Control Equipments has over 30 years experience in the design and installation of this unique method.

Fields of application: 
Dessert grapes

The  BS-BS tents are made to measure depending on the space available

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