so2 absorbers TL-TLS


Purifier for SO2, odorous volatile products and ethylene with combined humidification

The TL units for centralized use, have been designed and realized to eliminate the gaseous by-products produced by fruits during storage.

The units  are used for the storage of superior quality apples, pears and citrus fruits in general and above all for SO2 reduction from dessert grapes’ storage cells.

Due to the effect of cell air recycle in counter-flow with water, the TL towers allow optimal organoleptic quality, firmness and sheen to be maintained , limit weight loss, alterations  such as dermatosis and the damaging effects of metabolic gaseous products (common scald, aftertaste etc.)

SO2 emission systems complete with dosers can also be supplied with the purifiers for exact dosage of the gas , as well as specific evaporators.

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 Model Dimensions


processed air 

 M3 H2O/h





 TL 160x84x470 600 4  1900 2.2